Upcoming Sales
Stamping Press Facility
Sale Date: TBD
Featuring: 200 Ton Pacific 200 OBL Hydraulic, 110 Ton Niagra HPS 110 Hydraulic, (2) 75 Ton Minster 7 Flywheel Stamping presses, 75 Ton Johnson Flywheel, 60 Ton Greenerd HC-150-60R12 Hydraulic Press, 60 Ton Bliss C60 Flywheel, 45 Ton Komatsu OBS45S-VS-3 Gap Frame Press, 45 Ton Bliss C60B10 Flywheel.
Plant Closure: Impakt Holdings a Celestica subsidiary, Contract Mfg. to the Semiconductor Industry
Sale Date: Thursday, August 22, 2019
Bidding Starts: 10:00 AM (PDT)
Featuring: (2) 2017 Haas EC1600ZT HMC's, 2014 Mighty Viper VMC-1688AG, (2) 2013 Makino PS95 VMC's, 2014 Mighty Viper VMC-137, 2008 Haas VF-11/50, 2008 (2) Johnford DMC-4000x2800 & DMC 4000x3500 Bridge Mills, 2008 Mighty Viper PRW-5340 CNC Bridge Mill, 2008 Mighty Viper Pro-3210 VMC,  (2) Hyundai-Kia VX500 VMC's, 2007 Akira Seiki SV-1300, (2) Daewoo DMV-500 Diamond Series VMCs, Miyano BNE-34S3 5-axis CNC Lathe,  Kaeser ASD 40
Plant Closure: Major Oil Service Company
Sale Date: Thursday, October 10, 2019
Bidding Starts: 10:00 AM (CDT)
Featuring: (22) Large Capacity CNC Turning and Machining Centers including Okuma, Weiler, and Mori Seiki, Unisig CNC Gun Drill, Toolroom machinery, Inspection, Phosphorus coating line,  Support & Facilities, and Rolling Stock.
Liquidation of Large Capacity Machining, Welding & Manufacturing Surplus Assets to On-going Operations
Type: Liquidation
Featuring: (7) G&L CNC Horizontal & Vertical Borers, Clad Welding System, Welding Positioners, Tool-Room, Beveling Machines, Portable Gas Leak Test System and more.
Liquidation of Tier-1 Aerospace Facility
Type: Liquidation
Featuring: (4) Modig 4-Axis High Speed CNC Extrusion Machining Centers as New as 2014, (5) Late Model CNC HMC's & VMC's Including: Makino, OKK,  & Tsugami, Tool Room, Lab Equipment, and Tooling.
Plating Tank Liquidation
Type: Liquidation
Featuring: Digital Matrix E-Coat Nickel & Cobalt Plating System (4) SE-1003-1.4 Tanks, 70” x 52”, RDP-1500-300 Drum Plating Tank, 19”W x 19”L x 72”H, Control Process Technology digital control, 303d power supply, Process Technology Nickel Sulfamate Plating Line - (6) DE302-P11 Tank, Poly Products ET-III-W Evaporative Tank 56” x 69”x32” 1.5 HP blower
5-Axis Profilers and CNC Machine Tools from Aerospace Facility
Type: Liquidation
Featuring: SNK 3 SPINDLE 5 AXIS GANTRY,  A & B TILT +/- 25 DEGREES, CINCINNATI 3-SPINDLE 5 AXIS GANTRY, (4) SNK PC-60V 5 AXIS 60” X 25” TRAVELS, (1) KAO MING, KMC 3000SD, SNK RB-2N 108”X 69” X 57” TRAVELS, SNK FSP-120V, (3) 2004 OKK HM-600 24.8” PALLETS and More.